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Wrapped Requests

Welcome to the Wrapped Requests section. As we continue to develop and advance our product, we are always open to suggestions and feedback. In this category, please leave all requests relating to the functionality of Wrapped. Any suggestions that you feel may improve the product or aid in the general development of Wrapped as a more easily accessible digital asset service will be greatly appreciated and taken highly into consideration.

General Information / Q&A

Welcome to the general Q&A. This category was created with one goal in mind, to answer each other’s questions. We invite you to ask as many questions as you’d like, and our moderators will do their best to answer you back as soon as possible! If your topic does not fit into any of the other categories we have available, please feel free to leave it here, as this is the thread designed for all general inquiries as well. Please adhere to all community guidelines, and remember to refer to other categories in order to ensure that you are posting a topic in the correct category.

Proposal Updates

Welcome to the Proposal Updates section. As Wrapped continues to develop as the best place to access layer one protocols on any blockchain, here the floor is open for discussion. Please feel free to interact with the posted proposal links, as we appreciate your support through interactions and comments that may aid in the general development of our product.

Wrapped Assets

Within this category you will find two subtopics specifically pertaining to wrapped assets.

Educational Tools

Welcome to the Educational Tools section. Here, you have access to our posts from We invite you to interact with these posts and learn how to utilize many of the functions that Wrapped has to offer. Have any questions regarding the instructions posted? Feel free to leave all questions, comments, and concerns either!