Is the wrapped token list open to other wrapped assets?

I came across the wrapped token list on uniswap

Is it possible to add a wrapped asset to this list or is it only for projects?

I am looking to add WSCRT which is a wrapped SCRT token, a cosmos based coin that fuels the Secret Network privacy based smart contract L1 chain.

WSCRT is an ERC20 and can be exchanged 1:1 for SCRT.

Thank you


Hello, apologies for the delayed reply. For now it’s just assets by Incorporating others is something we’re tracking as a possibility in the future, though.


Heya! We had a quick chat about this on our side; let’s go ahead and submit these for review to potentially add to the list! Here’s a link to the GitHub repository:

Would you like to make the pull request to add them? If there’s any others you think should be on there, too, please let us know.

I can also help you add them to GitHub if you’d like.